iCloud Password Reset

iCloud is a cloud computing and cloud storage service provided by Apple. Inc. Forgetting your iCloud password can be quite frustrating as it can lock you out of your account. You can just follow some simple steps for an icloud password reset.

icloud password reset on your iPhone and iPad

  • Go to settings and select iCloud.
  • Enter your email address registered with iCloud and select the “Forget Apple ID or Password option”.
  • Enter your Apple ID and select Next.
  • You will be asked some Security Questions. Provide correct answers to them.
  • Upon verification, you will be allowed to reset your iCloud Password.

icloud password reset with My Apple ID

  • Login to appleid.apple.com
  • Select forgot your ID or password
  • Enter your Apple ID and click on Next
  • You can retrieve your password either by answering a security question or by email.
  • If you choose to answer the security questions, you need to answer the security question and follow the steps mentioned above.
  • In case you select to reset your password by email, you will receive an email with subject line “How to Rest your Apple ID”.
  • Click on the link received on your email. Click on the link.
  • A new page will open allowing you to reset your password.

How To Contact iCloud Customer Service Number

In case you are unable to complete the icloud password reset using the following steps or are facing some other issues with your iCloud account, you can contact the iCloud customer service number. Every country and region has a different iCloud customer service number and your regions iCloud customer service number is available on the Apple’s Website.

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