Why Google Chrome Not Working

Why Google chrome crashes, why not working on I-phone or android

Everyone is well acquainted with the fact that Google chrome is the most popular internet browser that updates it versions from time to time that provides amazing experience to its users. So, it can be said that it is the most advanced version of the all the web browsers. The irony is that in spite of so many efforts by Google chrome to make its users happy it is still not free from crashes and the users sometimes experience huge issues while operating Google chrome.

It is usually seen that Google chrome crashes while the users try to use it on the I-phone or android. In such a scenario it becomes really hard for the users to understand what they should do in such a scenario. So, in case, you are also struggling the same issues while using Google chrome on I-phone or android and looking forward to fixing the issue of Google chrome not responding, the following steps will enlighten your path.

Steps to sort out the issues of Google chrome not responding:

 Sometimes bigger problems can be resolved by using minor fixes. So, first of all check your internet connection and make sure it is not the source of trouble. If you find that everything is O.K in this regard, then you can proceed further.

If Google chrome is not responding there can be various issues behind this irony. But the major role can be of Domain name server cache issues. So, the very next step on the part of the user is to remove the cache as soon as possible.

The another troubling issue that is responsible for the issue of Google chrome not responding can be that an infected malware has intruded in your computer system. Well, this can be a matter of grave concern, you should not worry, if you find the one. So, in such a case, you must install an updated antivirus to make your troubling issues sort out.

The next problem that can sort out this issue related to Google chrome is that you must install the latest version to root out all the issues related to Google chrome. Once you will install the latest version of Google chrome, you will find that you never had such a soothing experience ever.

You can also take the alternate steps of removing unnecessary add on extensions. This will free up enough space related to Google chrome not working.

So, these are some of the steps that can assist you in solving the issue of Google chrome not working.

Are you among those who is facing the troublesome face related to Google chrome not working then it is not the matter of huge concern. You need not worry as you have several alternatives in this regard. You can either contact Google customer support or you can either make full proof research for selecting a great third-party service provider. If you make this thing a reality, then you will have a army of genius techies to help you out.


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