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Do you know how fix Skye video not working. So there are many solution to solve your problem. Skype is a telecommunications application that provides free calling between two people. Skype also provides some additional services like video chat, videoconferencing, texting, and file transfers. These services are available on desktop computers, tablets, and notebook computers and other mobile devices, including mobile phones.

As we know Skype is the most popular application which is used for video chat. Sometimes we face problems like Skype video not working. In this situation, you can do like close all other programs that might be using a webcam. Sometimes it also said that please plug in a supported device.

You can enjoy Skype video call for chatting with your family, friends, relatives, having classes, or for conferences. At this time some company takes interview through Skype.

Sometime it may be possible that Skype video not working, then you can check that your video is switched on or not. To fix it and try again. In case you are not able to see other people so the problem is on the other side, but if you can not be seen, then this is probably your Skype problem. There are the following methods to solve the problem of Skype video not working:

  • Check your webcam on Skype application:-

In case, your webcam is not configured for Skype, then your video can not work. Which one you are using, it will be built-in webcam or an external USB, check it on Skype:

  • Log in Skype with your account.
  • Click Tools on the menu bar in the Skype window.
  • After that choose options:
  • Click on the video settings on the open window.
  • After that choose your webcam from the drop-down menu.
  • Once the webcam is chosen, you should see yourself in the small window.
  1. If you are not able to see this and you are using a built-in camera, go on the next method which is the update of a webcam device.
  2.  You are using a USB webcam, then try to connect it with another USB port on your computer. If you get error till then go to the next method which is the update of a webcam device.

2) Update your webcam driver:-

A corrupted or outdated webcam driver can also make your Skype video not working. Make sure to update your Skype application from time to time with the latest version of Skype. By updating the Skype application timely it makes video chat smooth and stable.

You can update your webcam driver with an update driver option in the device manager or you can also download the latest driver from your webcam’s manufacture’s device. If you are more concern and don’t want any other problem with your system, and also want to save time, then you can use Driver easy to do it automatically.

  • Download and install Driver Easy.
  • Run driver easy and click on Scan Now option. After that driver easy scan your computer and detect any problem drivers. Your webcam driver is no exception.
  • With a free version of Skype application:- Click on the Update option next to a flagged webcam driver to automatically download and install the correct version of this driver.

With pro version of Skype application:-  Click on Update all option to automatically download and install the correct version of all the drivers that are missing or outdated on your system.

 3) Check your network connection:-

Due to lack of internet connection can make your Skype video not working. You can say that a strong network connection is require for a Skype video call. Here the steps to troubleshoot with this problem:

1)  Restart your network connection:

  • First of all, shut down your computer.
  • Unplug your wi-fi router or modem if you use anyone.
  • Wait for 40-50 seconds and plug in your router or modem back.
  • Power on your computer and login Skype to again try video call.

If it solved then good otherwise go to the next step:

2) Update your network card driver:

In case your network card driver is outdate or corrupted, it would cause a network connection issue on your window. Here are the steps to update network software:

If you want that your device software is updated, then you can directly download the latest correct one from its manufacturer’s website.


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