Why my Gmail account not working

How to fix issues why my Gmail account not working, not responding

There is no doubt in the fact that Gmail is an apple of eye of the business users.  Gmail is the most secured form of corporate communication in today’s era as well. Almost 70% of the business users count on Gmail for their business communication purposes. But as nothing in this world is free from issues, this is also true in case of Gmail account. Users generally complained about the issues they face while using Gmail account like “Why my Gmail account not working/responding”. In some cases users also face the issues of Gmail account not responding. You can troubleshoot this issue by referring to the following steps:

Steps related to Gmail not working or Gmail not responding issues:

How to solve the issues of Gmail not working or Gmail not responding? Well, this problem can be tackled by following some easy steps:

  • If you are facing troubles in sending or receiving mails, and want to fix this issue, you can simply up the Gmail account in your phone.
  • Second step that you can take is you can try to reset your device. It will also make your problems wipe out.
  • One other step that is usually recommended in case you wish to solve the hassles of Gmail not responding is to check your Gmail account settings. You can check:
  • If your Gmail account’s airplane mode is on then you can take steps to turn it off. For doing this simply click on network and internet and turn off airplane mode.
  • In case, you are still facing issues regarding your Gmail not working then you can click on your storage settings. Go to your storage setting and delete the files that you have loaded unnecessarily.
  • Also you can look forward to uninstalling those apps that you don’t use. This will solve your issues related to Gmail not working.

    If after taking all these steps, all your Gmail issues does not get solve, then any reliable third-party agency can come to your rescue. Its professionals will solve all issues related to “why my Gmail not working or not responding”.


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