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Google chrome, a name that dominates almost all internet operations has become an essential  part of one’s life. It is acting as a successful browser since its inception. Update Google chrome  is an amazing platform that ensures the loading of the web pages quite quickly. It can  also drag tabs into different windows quickly. Moreover, it offers quite user-friendly platform which makes it easy for the users to engage with this browser. Google Chrome is enjoying the biggest market share because it has popularized among the users as the fastest web browser.

In spite of its huge popularity, the users confront some issues with this browser. Some of the users are not able to enjoy smooth experience with this browser. Some key questions that haunt the users are what to do when Google Chrome not working. What if Google Chrome not responding for long hours ?  So, to fix the issues and provide the clients with better user experience Google keep on updating the latest versions so that the users do not confront the issues in the next version. Do you also want to update the new version of Google chrome browser but do not know how to update Google Chrome? Then scroll below to know the steps of updating the browser:

Steps update google chrome

 First of all open your desktop computer, laptop or tablet. Then open Google chrome.

 Now go at the top right of your screen and click more.

 Now click update Google chrome.

  If you are not able to see this button, this clearly means that you are on the latest version.

 Click relaunch.

If you feel any doubt regarding these steps and despite your best efforts you are not able to solve this issue then there are many third-party customer support agencies that can assist you perfectly. To ensure the best out of your invested money, do extensive research and choose a reliable customer support agency.

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