How to Trace the Mac Address?

how to trace the mac address

Mac address is the key that can even trace your device when someone has took it to some other place. It is quite difficult for you to locate the mad address. So you can follow the given below steps to trace mac address:

Step 1. 

how to trance the mac address

It is hard for you to locate a stolen MAC address if the person who have stolen it would come on the same LAN. Is such cases you can handover your mac address to the network administrator who can locate you mac address when the thief is active on your theft laptop on the same LAN.

Step 2.

It is almost impossible for you to locate your mac address. So there is no use of trying to trace your mac address. 

Step 3.

You can contact your Internet Service Provide if the thief have got access to the internet with the help of your service. If the IP address of the stolen laptop is active then police can track the device. 

It is not possible for you to track mac address without any device because it is not legal for you to use the device that only some authority uses.

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