How to solve Spotify not playing

Spotify is the most popular website among music lovers. You can go through a variety of music and albums without downloading them. Sometimes there may be solve Spotify not playing. There could be various reasons for this error but the fixes are very simple.

Let us see some of the common problems faced by Spotify users that results into Spotify not working:

  1. Spotify could not be start.
  2. And cannot add local files to a playlist.
  3. Spotify cannot download songs for offline playback.
  4. You are not able to add more tracks to your music.
  5. Your Spotify account has been hacked.
  6. There may be problems on Android.
  7. You have accidently deleted playlist.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the common fixes for the issue Spotify not playing.

Clear Cache and Flush DNS & solve Spotify not playing

If everything is working fine except that Spotify is not playing music, then there may be a problem in DNS cache on your system. Flushing DNS refreshes the system’s DNS Cache and makes sure that whenever you log into Spotify next time, its domain name gets properly register.

  • Go to settings
  • Click on app.
  • Go to Spotify then storage.
  • Tap on clear cache.
  • Also tap on Clear data.

If Spotify is still not playing after clearing cache, then delete Cleaning apps, process managers and battery managers. Many cleaning apps have a process-killing feature that effects Spotify also. Many times, process managers and battery managers interfere with the running processes that the Spotify uses. It happens whenever the screen is turn off or an app is running in the background for a long time.

What to do when solve Spotify not playing?

If you are not able to load Spotify by any method, then you need to clear out the cookies in your browser. The procedure is different for every browser. Go to settings and then privacy or history. Clear cookies from there and restart your browser. Try to play Spotify now.

When your account has been hacked

If you find songs in the play history that are not familiar to you, then it is possible that your account is hacked. Check that the hackers have also changed your password or it is the same. To solve this problem, log in to your account, go to Account overview and then click on Sign out everywhere. Now change your password.

Try above methods to solve your problem of Spotify not playing.


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