How to solve Snapchat failed to send

Snapchat is a successful Smartphone application and has millions of users. It allows its users to send and receive photos to each other and each story can be viewed within 24 hours and expires after that. You can even send messages using Snapchat. Many times, the user face issues like Snapchat failed to send. Snapchat doesn’t allow to delete the messages that are failed to send.

Methods to solve Snapchat failed to send issue.

Try below troubleshooting tips to solve your problem:

Snapchat failed to send, Check the internet connection

Firstly check your internet connection is the first thing you should try. Many times, the issue of Snapchat failed to send is due to the unstable internet connection. Sometimes, the internet connection is lost completely. A good and fast internet connection is necessary for proper functioning. If you are getting the “tap to retry message” again and again, then it may be due to slow internet connection or maybe Snapchat is down.

In case, Snapchat is down, it means that several people are encountering the same issue. To solve it, turn off your Wi-Fi and, try connecting your device to Wi-Fi again after few minutes. You can also switch from Wi-Fi to data and check again.

Log out of your account and log in again

Many users have tried this and were able to send a message or images again later after they log out and log in on Snapchat. To log out your account, click on the ghost button and the setting symbol. Click on the “log out” button from there. Once you log out, close the app and after few minutes, try logging in your account and check if it works out.

Force close the Snapchat and open it again

Force closing the app and opening it again may resolve the issue. Now launch freshly utilizes taskbar. Process to go to this menu is different for every device. Swipe up to force close Snapchat. Now open Snapchat check if you are able to send messages again.

Changed Storage location

If the storage has changed, the user is not able to Launch Snapchat. If you change the default storage, Snapchat will work again after it is replaced. Then after using third party memory, replace it with internal memory.

Reinstall Snapchat

If do you want to solve the problem Snapchat failed to send, you can also uninstall the app and reinstall it again. Many times, App updates contain bugs that cause errors. Look for the uninstall button in the settings, click the Application button and click on the Snapchat app, the uninstall button will appear.  IOS users can tap and hold the Snapchat icon and click the x button from the upper left side of the Snapchat icon.

Now download the app from the google or apple store and reinstall it. After uninstalling and reinstalling the app, log in your account and see if you can now send messages.

Restart your device

When you Restart your device, it gets free of all the glitches that are running on in your app. If you have close down the system and then restart over, the problems that are preventing Snapchat from running are cleaned. it is an easy and common troubleshooting action and it normally fixes the difficulty.

Before restarting, close Snapchat in the recently used app. Now restart and open Snapchat and check whether you can touch and send the message again.

Clear the cache

After then clearing the cache, all the summary files saved in Snapchats record are cleared.

Once you clear the cache, the execution of the app becomes monotonous, and little quicker.

Try above fixes, all are easy and proven. You will be able to solve the issue snapchat failed to send in few minutes.

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