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How to solve Roku error code 009

When you face Roku error code 009, your Roku can’t be connected to the internet or Wi-Fi. If you are having Roku error code 009, then read on to find some easy fixes for this error.

Due to this error, your device will successfully connect with the router but not with the Internet and Wi-Fi. It indicates that your device doesn’t recognize the Wireless signal for your network and showing an error message “Unable to connect to wireless Network” or “Not connected to the internet” or “Roku error code 009”.

How to solve Roku error code 009?

Below we are discussing simple procedure to remove this error.

Setting up Roku Device

To setup your Roku device, connect it to the internet or Wi-Fi. Now see if your internet or Wireless network name is being shown on the list of networks displayed in the screen.

While setting up Roku devices, some steps should be followed. These steps are also required when you connect the Roku to an Ethernet port if it is available.

  • Enter the case-sensitive pass-code in the first step.
  • The wireless connectivity will be established now.
  • Look at the screen, you will be able to see a message displaying “Successful connection”
  • The web broadband service will furnish the player equipment with access through the router.

If you are not able to fix the issue using the above solution, then take the help of your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Since it is a technical issue, you will not be able to solve it by yourself.

Advanced solutions

Check your internet connection, it should be connected properly and should not have trouble of slow speed or distractions.

For Checking Connections, go to advance connection checking. This will help you to resolve Roku error 009 that you are facing on connecting Roku device to the Internet and Wi-Fi network:

  • To check your internet connection, go to the “Settings” menu.
  • Click on “Network”
  • Go to the “Network” settings. Click on “Check Connection”
  • Now, you need to perform a 2-step test
  • First of all, the signal quality and connectivity for the network has to be checked.
  • Also, measure the connection speed and see if you are coupled with the internet
  • Now follow the on-screen instructions to see if the Wireless signal strength is very poor.
  • While you are performing a connection check, Roku will try to connect to the Wi-Fi or wired network.
  • When connected, it will also make an effort to connect to the internet.
  • Now a Green check will appear whenever there is a successful connection.
  • If a connection is not established, a Red ‘x’ will appear.
  • Once a green check appears for both the connections, it indicates that your Roku device is successfully connected to the network as well as the internet.
  • The strength of the connection will also be checked and the results of the tests will be published.
  • The process of checking the connection will end up with a message “Connection check was successful.” This will be displayed once both connection tests are performed successfully.
  • A Message with an error code with the recommendation to improve it, will appear on the screen.
  • To review the connection checks, go to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Network.’ Click on ‘About’ to review connection. Here you will find the “signal strength” that should be ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’.

You can also change DNS settings to solve Roku error code 009. Simply follow the steps discussed below:

  1. Turn off your router and go to Roku settings.
  2. Click on System settings followed by Factory reset Roku.
  3. Now log in to your Network Router and go to change DNS settings.
  4. Log in and go to IP routing service and update.
  5. Connect to network VPN and set up Roku.

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