Origin error code 9.0

Origin is one of the most popular online game stores from where you can purchase, play games and manage your purchase from anywhere. This platform is not immune to common errors just like other window apps. Users have to face various errors such as one error is origin error code 9.0. This error occurs during installation or update.

Causes of the Origin error code 9.0:-

Origin error code 9.0 occurs due to corrupt or missing NET Framework installation. So, always make sure that you are using the latest version of the NET Framework installer on your computer. Download it and install from Microsoft’s website.

Another reason may be antivirus blocks your installation. So you can reinstall origin from scratch should help you to solve the problem if the tool fails when updating.

Here are some ways to solve origin error code 9.0:

    1) Install the latest version of NET Framework Then fix origin error code 9.0:-

  • The origin error code 9.0 occurs if the current version of your NET Framework installation is not compatible with the origin client. Install the latest version of the NET Framework to solve the problem.
  • Go to Microsoft Download center
  • Click on the download option. Run the installer to finish the installation. It may be possible that the installer required downloading additional data to install the app.
  • After that, restart the app.
  • Try to install the Origin client or update it and also check for any improvement.

If the issue preserved, make sure that .NET Framework enabled. Here are the steps to do it:

  • Press window key + R to open run
  • Now, type control and click on Ok to open the control panel.
  • Go to the programs > Programs and features
  • From the left side click on the Turn windows features on or off
  • Locate and check .NET framework 4.7 advanced service box
  • Click on Ok to save the changes
  • Now, restart your computer and check again for any improvement.

2) Disable your installed antivirus temporarily:-

  •  If your antivirus is hampering the origin update client or installer from installing on your computer, it may result in origin error code 9.0.
  • If you have installed ant antivirus software, then disable it temporary. You can easily disable the antivirus software form your computer by right-clicking on the antivirus icon in the system.
  • If required, then also disable the firewall. Run the installer again and check for any improvement.

3) Clear origin data cache:-

  • The bad cache can also create an issue with the installation of the origin client or update the installer.
  • Press window key + R to open run
  • Now, type %Programdata%/origin and click on OK.
  • Now, go in the origin folder and delete all the files except the Local Content Your game data is stored in the local content folder, so make sure you don’t delete it.
  • Again Press window key + R
  • Type %Appdata% and click on
  • In the Appdata folder, delete the Origin folder.
  • Go back to the Appdata folder and open the Local folder.
  • Now, delete the origin

4) Reinstall to fix origin error code 9.0:-

  • Firstly press window key + R
  • Then type control and click ok
  • After that go to the programs > Programs and features
  • Now, select origin and click on the uninstall

After that, reinstall the Origin from the official website. When you uninstall the origin client it would not delete your game data.

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