Netflix error-111

Netflix is a most popular streaming app through which users can watch videos, movies, series, etc online without facing any troubleshoot. But, if you use improper installation or outdated versions of Netflix then it should create errors. Means, if you trying to play any videos then it doesn’t give any response. Or, maybe it will stop at intermediate when you watch any movies, and the display annoying a message saying Netflix error-111. And your device going to freeze and crash.

Solutions to solve Netflix error-111:-

Hare are many solutions to fix Netflix error-111. You can go through the below-given steps to easily fix the issues.

     1. Check your internet connection:-

First of all, when you face Netflix error-111 make sure that your internet connection is proper. Slow internet connection, can cause Netflix error-111. Without a proper internet connection you are not able to play a video or audio.

If you LAN wire connection then check the cable is defective or not. If you find any damages then change it instantly. You should verify the USB, if the Ethernet becomes unresponsive after connecting it with the device through a port, after that repair it.

If you use WIFI then you should check your WIFI signal. If the signal is weak then you might get Netflix error-111. To connect your ISP to avoid the network connection issue.

     2.Reboot your device:-

Reboot your device when you get Netflix error-111 is a temporary solution. But it fixes the issue. Hold down on the power button for a few seconds then a slide will open then tap on the reboot option to reboot your device. After that try to reopen the Netflix app to check it is work or not.

     3.Disable airplay mode:-

Sometimes, airplay mode stops Netflix from functioning. The best approach is to disable the airplay mode temporarily to avoid this irritating error.

First of all, launch the Netflix app from the device and tap on the airplay icon from it. After that select your iOS device from the list. Now play a video to check Netflix work or not.

      4.Reset network settings & solve Netflix error-111:-

If your network settings are not configured correctly then you will not be able to play the videos through the Netflix app. It is difficult to fix this Netflix error-111 without modifying or resetting the Network setup correctly.

Now, tap on the Settings icon to open the Settings app. After that, you should tap on the general tab. Scroll down to the settings page and tap on the reset option.

Tap on the reset network settings and open the resultant page. After that, you need to enter the passcode and tap on reset network settings. Then, it will complete the reset network without facing any issue. Now, reboot the iOS device and check to see Netflix is working or not.

      5.Clear the stored cache:-

Stored cache also causes the issue to run Netflix, by which it shows error saying Netflix error-111. So, always clear your stored cache to run Netflix smoothly.

From your iOS device, click on the start option to open the start menu.  You should click on the Settings app and select the menu applications management which is on the left side of the start menu. Locate the Netflix app and twice click on it to open. After that, you will get the whole description of Netflix. Now, tap on the clear data to clean the junk files as well as remove cache contents. After that, play the videos and check to see Netflix work or not.


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