How to solve Hulu error code 5005

Hulu error code 5005 is a common error faced by users. During this error, you will find the playback failure message. To solve this error, you can try simple fixes like checking your internet connection.

Reasons for Hulu Playback Error

There are several reasons for Hulu playback errors. This error is caused when the app on your device cannot communicate with the Hulu servers. Another reason for this problem is that Hulu servers are not able to provide proper video streaming.

Hulu error code 5005 can also be cause by the issues with your device, software, or home network. To Solve Hulu error code 5005, follow the instructions provide below:

  • In many cases, issues are at Hulu’s end. It means that whenever there is a playback on trying to watch a Hulu video, and everything is working out out fine at your end, Hulu has an issue.
  • If you detect that the playback error is caus by Hulu itself, make them aware about the issue and then wait till they fix the problem.

To solve these issues, try below things:

Make sure that your internet connection speed is proper for streaming.

If your internet speed is too low, there will be issues like slow buffer. Note that Regular Hulu videos require 3.0Mbps internet and Hulu with Live TV need 8.0Mbps.

Restart your device and networking equipment.

This is a simple fix and solves many issues related to Hulu. To do this, completely shut down, power off, and unplug your streaming as well as network device. After a minute, plug your equipment back in. Turn it on, and see if the Hulu playback error has gone or not.

Switch to a wired connection.

Try to connect your streaming device to your router using an Ethernet cable. If the issue gets solved, use a wire connection to stream. You can also relocate your wireless router near the device you are using to watch Hulu.

Remove other devices from your network.

The users having a lot of computers, smartphones and many other devices connected to their network, the simple way is disconnect them to solve Hulu error code 5005.

Check your router settings.


You can prioritize certain types of traffic or devices, and set it to get preference to the device on which you are facing problem to watch Hulu on.

Change the DNS settings in your router.

Changing DNS settings also fixes Hulu playback error.

How to Fix Hulu Playback Errors on PlayStation 4

Users who are trying to watch Hulu on Play Station 4, have to check the status of the internet connection. Close any Hulu or any other app open. Now return to the main XrossMediaBar (XMB).

Go to Settings and click on Network Settings. Select Internet Connection Test. If it is working fine, then reset your system date and time.

In case there is any game or app open, return to the XMB. Go to Settings and click on Date and Time. From Date and Time Settings, select Set via Internet. Set Now.

If hulu error 5005 persists, remove the Hulu app and re-download it:

  • Highlight the Hulu app.
  • Then tap the triangle button on your controller.
  • Click on Delete.
  • Simplly go to the PlayStation Store. Re-download the Hulu app.
  • If it is still not working, clear your system cache. While this process, remember that you don’t have to enter the Rest mode.
  • Firstly shut down the system completely.
  • Then after turn off the PlayStation 4.
  • Unplug the console, when the indicator light on the system stops blinking.
  • After 30 seconds, plug the PlayStation 4 back in.
  • Then turn PlayStation 4 on.


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