One such email provider who has around a billion customers all over the world is for outlook. Which has created a great stand in the technical world? Outlook has its specialty to be used in various devices from Android to iOS. It is highly reliable and secured as well and the main component of outlook is it provides all technical information as per when required by using the experts. Many of the customers of Outlook try to find out How to Set Up Outlook on Gmail and that was the question which made me write a blog to answer this one. And I can assure that if you have read the blog once, then you will find no difficulty in Outlook Smtp server settings.

Steps for setting up outlook on Gmail ?

The first step you should do is to log in to your Gmail account

Secondly, you will have to select an icon which will be present in the corner as the gear icon.

After you have done the above step you will have to select settings and then start your POP/IMAP settings.

So now you have to enable the IMAP so that you can have a successful work done.

There will be an option save changes just click over it and then you can open your outlook account and there you will have to go with the option of the file which will be in the right top corner.

Go to account settings in it and then choose the option of new where you will have to choose the email account you want to use and then click Next.

The next setting changes you should make is the manual setup.

Once you have opened it choose IMAP were you will have to make changes as it is given below.

Your name: Enter your name

Email address: Enter Gmail address

Account type: IMAP

Incoming Mail

Outgoing Mail Server:

Password: Enter your Gmail password

So now you have to configure your outlook email for that go to more settings and select SMTP after that proceed with the outlook email settings.

You will have to fill the places where ever the details are asked and for authentication, you should fill this –
“Yes, My Outgoing Server(SMTP)Requires Authentication”, and for the Outgoing Mail Server Advanced Setting just fill “change server port to 587”

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