How to reset Asus router easily

Process to reset Asus router is different from any other wireless router. If you find that your router is not working smoothly and having trouble connecting some of the devices with wireless, then here are the steps to reset Asus router easily.

Steps to reset Asus wireless router easily

  • If, your modem is already connected with Asus router with yellow cable.
  • Use a cable ethernet wire in blue color to connect your Asus wireless router computer.
  • Now open the browser and type in URL box or click on
  • Then, you will be ask to enter your user name and password. Use the below combinations for that:

Username= admin, Password = admin

Username= admin, Password =password.

  • Once you are long in to your Asus wireless router, go to the administration and click on the option of reset Asus wireless router.
  • After resetting your Router you can now set up the router like a new router.

Steps to hard reset Asus router

If the above steps of soft reset don’t work for you finally, try Hard reset for your Router.

  • First of all, take a tiny paperclip or a point thing like pen and look at the back of your wireless Asus router.
  • Then, switch on your Wireless router.
  • Now press the reset key. You will find the reset key at the back of your Asus wireless router.
  • Then, press the reset key for at-least 30 seconds. Wait till you see lights on router blinking, then leave the key.
  • Finally, restart your Restart your router and modem.

Now by above procedure your Asus router will factory reset to default settings. Set up your router like a new router again.

If you face the problem of Asus router not working, then see the below quick fixes:

  • First, try to turn on/off your devices. For this, remove the power cable and plug it back. Now restart your modem and the system.
  • Now, check all the cables if they are properly connect or not. Remove all the wireless cables and link then again after a minute.
  • If the problem is due to overheating, turn off the router for about an hour. Again, connect to your computer.
  • When, your Wi-Fi driver is outdate, then update it by going to device manager. Go to device manager and right-click on My Computer and go to properties. Click on device manager and select “Now update your network/Wi-Fi driver”.
  • If updating doesn’t work for you, un-install and re-install the driver.

All the above fixes are easy and proved. Check them out.


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