How To Recover Hacked Gmail Account

how to recover my hacked gmail id

Solved Steps How to Recover Hacked Gmail Account 100% Secure

Need of recovering Gmail account comes when your account is Recover Account or hacked. To avoid account block, keep using your account on regular basis. On the other hand, to prevent hackers enable the 2-step verification.

Gmail is an e mailing service by Google. Gmail is the dominator in the industry, having thousands of millions of users and growing. It is safe and secured, user friendly platform to interact with other people. Users have capabilities to send and receive emails including the attachments.

Gmail accounts are protected with the password security gate and the correct password is the key to unlock the gate and access your emails. But, due to weak password combinations and by filling untrusted web scripts, some users suffer with hacking problems. Such people have complained and asked how to recover my hacked gmail account. So, in this article we will discuss about the process how to recover hacked gmail account. If you notice any unfamiliar activity on your account that means it is being used by some other person, without your permission.

Steps How to Recover Hacked Gmail account

In such cases, take the following actions immediately.

  • Log into your account.
  • Go to password change page.
  • Change the password.
  • Sign out from your account on every other device.
  • Lodge a descent complaint to cyber crime department.

To avoid this freakingly scary moment of your account being hacked that can give you a mini heart attack, you should not log into your account in other person’s computer or on a computer which does not belong to you. Make sure you remove your account after use in libraries and internet cafes. Set up, two step verification, recovery phone number and email.

Now, let’s discuss if you just got the bad news that your account is hacked, here are the steps you should perform when your account is hacked. You should also contact Gmail customer support and inform them about the incident so that they could start the prompt protocol.


  1. Visit Gmail login page.
  2. Click on the link “Need help?”.
  3. It will redirect you to  the page “Google Account Recovery”.
  4. Select the option “I don’t know my password”.
  5. Provide with your Gmail ID.
  6. Click on “Continue”.
  7. Here, you would see a Captcha form.
  8. Fill it up.
  9. Click on “Continue”.

The next page will ask you to enter the last password you remember. You can click on “Continue” or click on the option “I don’t know”. Now, you will be given options to change your password but before that you’d need to verify your identity. “Verify your identity” page will take you to a process where your account will be verified. Here, you’d need to answer some questions. Google always advises you to provide answer accurately. In case, you are not sure about the answer, provide the closest one. However, you are allowed to skip these questions.

How to Contact recover Hacked Gmail account?

If the information you provide does match the information available in your Gmail account, then it will allow you to reset your password. If not, it will quickly tell you that the information you’ve provided does not match with your account information. But you can take your time to collect the accurate information and submit the form again once you have all the correct information.

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