How to Recover Gmail Password

Recover Gmail Password

Steps to Fix the issues related to How to Recover Gmail Password Without Phone Number

Gmail is one of the most important services that are provided by the Google account. To maintain reliable and effective communication people are usually dependent on their recover Gmail account. Gmail can be easily accessed by different individuals in order to check their business messages, and to fulfill other important communication process and strategies. So, one can easily say that Gmail can be easily used by different individuals to maintain every possible sort of communication in an easy way. But sometimes users confront troubles while using their Gmail account. It is one of the most important and reliable way to communicate the things effectively. But sometimes users confront different kinds of issues with their Gmail account. At different times it happens that people set complex password for their Gmail account and tend to forget the password sometimes. So, have you gone through such a complex situation? If yes, then don’t worry as you have different ways tosolve your problem as quickly as possible. So, have a glance at the below-mentioned solutions of how to recover Gmail password.

Steps to sort out the issues:

  • First of all, head over directly to the official Gmail account page.
  • After that fill in your user name or email Id in the empty tab.
  • To proceed further you can click on “I have forgotten my Gmail account password link”.
  • Once you have clicked on this link you will get different ways to recover your Gmail password.
  • Let’s have a glance at these different solutions one by one.
    First of all you will be required to fill your last password that you remember related to your Gmail account.
  • If the last password entered by you matches the previous password of your account, you can retrieve your Gmail password at this step only. Otherwise, you can proceed further.
  • Now, you can try out other options of recovering your Gmail account as fast as possible.
  • If you don’t want to use your phone number to recover your Gmail account then don’t worry as you can explore other options too.
  • You can enter your recovery email Id. Now, you will receive a link on your recovery Gmail Id.
  • As soon as you receive the link on your Gmail Id, click on that link immediately.
  • Now you are free to reset your Gmail password. Enter a new password and then reenter your password to confirm it.
  • Once you have reentered your issue then you will be able to recover your Gmail password successfully.
  • If this also does not work, then you can try to answer the security questions.
  • Once you answer all the security questions in a correct way, then you will be able to know how to recover Gmail Password.


If even after taking all these steps, you are not able to retrieve your Gmail account password, then don’t worry, as there are some other solutions that can assist you in how to recover Gmail Password. You can either contact Gmail customer support or you can rely on a renowned third-party support to recover your password quickly.


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