How to Recover Gmail Account

How to Fix Gmail hacked account is there any method to recover Gmail hacked account

In the modern world, there are so many mediums of communication that has made the communication reliable and abreast. To make communication quite abreast and quick various email service providers are capturing the market with their presence. Gmail by Google is one of the most authentic and reliable players of business communication. If you are required to send or receive any important business email or personal email, the very first name that strikes to your mind is Gmail. Enjoying such a great popularity there are some problems also that makes the use of Gmail quite difficult. One of the severe security concerns related to Gmail is regarding hacking of the Gmail account. Users confront a great dilemma whenever their Gmail account is hacked. So, let’s see how to recover Gmail account if it is hacked.

Steps to recover Gmail account if it is hacked:

When your Gmail account is hacked then it becomes quite painful for different individuals. So, it becomes an important concern that what should be done when Gmail account is hacked. Obviously there is a method to recover your Gmail account whenever it is hacked. Let’s have a glance at the various recovery steps:

First of all, if you find any unusual activity related to your account, then in the initial stages, you can take hold of your account by changing its password. If the malicious activity still continues and you cannot make the recovery of your account, then take the following steps to recover your Gmail account.

  • For recovering your Gmail account, head over directly to Google account login page.
  • Here you will see Gmail account recovery option.
    So, now you will see two tabs here. First is user name and other password. Fill in your username and email address and go to I have lost access to my password as you no longer have control of your account.
  • Now, after that click next. Now, you will have to submit the last password you remember otherwise you can also have the option of I no longer remember my last password.
  • Now, in case of hacked account the most decent way to recover your hacked account back is to verify your identity.
  • In case you wish to recover your hacked account back is that you have to provide as accurate answers of your account as it is possible.
  •  If the information that you provide in these questions is quite authentic then the chances are quite high that it will match to the data of Google and you will definitely be able to recover hack Gmail account.
  • In case, you acquire any difficulty in accomplishing any of your account’s detail back, then you can take some other steps to recover your Gmail account steps back by some other options as well. Either you can contact Gmail customer support or you can take the assistance from any authentic third-party service provider. In case, their knowledgeable techies will understand your glitches and will make your hurdles wipe away forever for acquiring the access back to Gmail hack account.

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