How to Fix Push Notification Not Working

Willing to know how to enable Gmail Verification authentication? Here is complete advice to fix:

Gmail is the most compatible free webmail account in order to use on various mobile devices and email services smoothly. It is necessary to keep remember the email address and password to access using different mobile devices. However, if you are getting surprised that you forgot the email address through which help you identify the verification but now due to mishap you are not able to do anything. It is so simple to handle the problem using two-steps verification that adds another layer of security in order to prevent unauthorized access to an individual’s email account and it just simply starts the process of verification authentication simply.

How to Enable Gmail Verification authentication process?

Your Gmail account is more secure when you need a password and a verification code to sign in. But when you remove this extra layer of security, you will be asked for the Gmail verification authentication process. This process will provide you major security in all respects.

  • At first, when you are required to enable Gmail verification, click on the two-step verification and click on the get started.
  • Click on startup menu and press sign in your Gmail account button and select click to turn on 2 step verification.
  • Enter the mobile phone number and select the text or voice option and this is number will be used to receive a numeric code.
  • Click on send code and enter the verification code into the correct field and click on the done button at the end of the task.

After that if you have disable the Gmail verification, you might be not obtain notification and for that you have to select the push notification to resolve problem.

Here are the ways when a push notification is not working fine:

If you are literally experiencing the problem with your notification, you might disable it on their personal android phone and this is the reason push notification is not working. Below is listed some of the ways to come out from the problem.

  • First of all, turn on an Android device and tap on the Gmail apps and go to the settings button.
  • Click on more settings and select application manager to download Arlo app and select or clear the check box.
  • Press the next button to show notification and press disable or enable push notification finally.

Having completed the task of the verification authentication process and push notification, if you are finding the same error then you should check out the service of Gmail account which is most important to fix issue simply.

How to fix when Gmail Verification Not Working?

If you have previously signed in from your computer device but going to check the computer as the process you are using is not completed. This is a time when you should remember your verification code that sometimes gets disable and you access your account simply. So you need to check disable and enable a button when notification is not working fine. However, if there is an error and willing to resolve the problem soon, you should contact our Gmail customer service team that is available to fix multiple problems at every short span of the time promptly.

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