iPhone GPS not working

In this article, we will discuss to0 fix iPhone GPS not working.

GPS is a very suitable function which is used to track anyone. By GPS function, you can easily get your location, and also your friend got your location by using GPS. Sometimes, it will happen that you are looking for navigation, but the GPS is not working. It will happen when you stand at an open wide street, and then it randomly locates you in a huge circle. It is not good for you.

Here are the many reasons to your problem.

  • iPhone GPS not working Due to poor signal:-

 Poor signal is the main reason for the iPhone GPS not working. Whenever you find that signal is poor on your iPhone, so it will be impossible to send your data to the satellite and locate you.

  • Due to not updating Map data or no data of your location:-

 Not updating Map data is also causing the iPhone GPS not working. The speed of that is faster than ever. Nowadays, lots of a number of changes in every city. So, it will be possible to have a few numbers of wrong data. Let’s take an example, there is a café at the street corner, but tomorrow, it may be converting into a supermarket. If the data on your iPhone is not updated then you face a problem, it shows you café still.

  • Due to wrong direction your iPhone GPS not working:-

 The wrong direction mostly occurs in the new smartphone. It will happen, when something wrong with the compass on your iPhone, so always make sure that you have set up your iPhone very well. It is highly possible that the compass is broken when GPS on your iPhone is not working or telling you the wrong direction.

How to fix iPhone GPS not working:-

  •  Good signal of iPhone:-

 Common reason for GPS not working on your iPhone X/8/7/6s/6/5s is due to bad signal. It happens when you are in a metal building or somewhere where the radio signal can’t penetrate, so apps will have problems in obtaining the GPS.  To find a better place where the signal could be strong enough to obtain GPS.

  • Authorized app permission:-

 Some app wants permission for authorization. Go to the settings > privacy > location services, after doing this you will find the app those need permission.

  • Once again update location services:-

It will also happen, that your iPhone is connected with a Wifi, but still no internet access. So you should turn off the Wifi from your iPhone and turn it on again. It will help to turn off location service and turn it on again. The data will transfer, and it fixes the problem iPhone GPS not working.

  • Reset your network:-

If the above solution not work, then you can try to reset the network on your iPhone.

First of all, go to settings > general > reset. After that reset network settings and reset location & privacy. By resetting the network of your iPhone you will able to fix your problem.

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