How to fix google drive server error

Google Drive is a cloud based platform that is used to store and share files. Users can access this platform using the web browser or if you are using mobile devices, you can use the Google Drive application and fix google drive server error. Google Drive is praised by the users because it offers tools like Text Editor and many presentation tools. Many users praise Google Drive because of its error-free services. But any technology is not perfect so is the case with Google Drive. Many users have reported the google drive server error. This error occurs when you are browsing Google Drive and all of a sudden you get this error. Here, we will discuss all the possible solutions to this issue. Read this article carefully.

      1. Clear cookies and cache:

This is the first fix that you may try to fix your google drive server error. Many times this error is caused by the presence of excessive cache and cookie in your browser. Follow the steps mentioned below to do this:

Note: Here we will talk about deleting the cookie and cache in the google chrome.

  1. Open Google Chrome on your device.
  2. Click on the Menu (it is a three-dot icon available at the top-right corner of the screen)
  3. From the list of options, click on the option More Tools.
  4. Click on the option Clear Browsing Data.
  5. Check the boxes before the following options: cookies, other site data, cached images, and files.
  6. At last, click on the button Clear Browsing Data option to finish this process.

After completing this procedure, see if you have resolved your issue. If your problem persists, try the next fix mentioned below.

     2. Use other browsers to access Google Drive:

If you are unable to access google drive server error even after clearing the browsing data, you should switch to the other browsers. Many times this issue is associated with the browser that you are using. You can solve this issue by using another browser. There are several browsers available today. You can use Microsoft Edge, Firefox or many others.

    3. Open Google Drive in Incognito mode:

You can opt for the incognito mode to access Google Drive. Many users have solved their google drive server error by using the incognito mode to access the google drive. This is an option worth trying if any of the fixes mentioned above didn’t work for you.

    4.Sign-out of your google account and sign-in again:

Signing out of the account erases some unnecessary data that may solve your google drive server error. All you have to do is to open the Google Drive and then go to the Accounts section. Click on the option Sign out to sign out of your account. Now, sign in again with the same user ID and see if you have solved your problem.

In this article, we have mentioned every possible solution to fix your google drive server error. If your problem persists, you can contact us through our website. You can also connect with us by calling us on our toll-free number. We have got a team of experts to solve all your issues related to PCs and phones.

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