How to fix Facebook games not loading

Are you unable to load your Facebook games? Sometimes, you are unable to play a new game for the first time or there may be a problem in loading into a Facebook game. Here we will discuss on how to fix Facebook games not loading.
Use the following methods to solve the issue of Facebook games not loading.
Check Firewall settings: many times, firewall and antivirus software interfere with loading into Facebook games. Many games use Flash and require certain ports to be opened at all times to send or receive data. Software firewalls like Norton or McAfee block these ports therefore games stop loading. The solution to this is lower the security on your firewall or choose some applications to always have access. But disable your firewall only occasionally whenever you want to play games. Some companies have both hardware and software firewalls which can only be modified by the IT department of your company but they won’t change the settings only to play the games.
Switch to different internet browser: many game developers optimize their games for some fix browsers and the flash or Facebook bugs affect only to the people using that particular browser. If you are not able to load a game from your current browser, switch to another browser and try to play the game again.
• Clear your cache and browser cookies: clean your cache and cookies as they contain many information like login information for various sites. Clearing your cookies refreshes everything and allows the game to create a new one when you try to load in. After removal of old data about the game you are playing, you will find the errors have been reduced.
Update Adobe flash player: many games require Adobe flash player so keep your flash player updated to the latest version. You can download the latest version from Adobe’s website.
• Wait for some time: it is also a possibility that the game is down due to maintenance or it is having issues that prevent users from loading. Many times, the Facebook is slow and prevents multiple applications. Wait for some time and try again to load the game.
Take the help of customer service: if any of the above method does not work for you, take the help of game’s customer service. Check the FAQs by visiting the games official website. There is also an option of “contact this application developer link”.

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