How to fix DHCP Error?

how to fix dhcp error

If you want to fix fix DHCP Error. so simply visit our website. DHCP that is the Dynamic host configuration protocol is one of the most best stable protocol that is allocates IP addresses which can be used again. To communicate on your network it is the secured and trustable way. The DHCP error occurs when there is connection issue in Wi-Fi with DHCP. This is because it will ban you from the unwanted malwares by internet. 

Obviously not just malware can be one issue you may also have other reasons for DHCP not given permission to connect to Wi-fi. Before fixing the issue it is most important to know why it is happening and why wifi doesn’t enable it. So you will have to read the steps below. 

Reason for DHCP not enabled for Wi-Fi? 

The below reasons are not only the factors for the error there are also other factors that causes the error. 

  • Malware 
  • Settings fault
  • Issue in network 
  • When the software not up to date
  • Conflicts and jam between softwares
  • Overload of storage 

How to fix the DHCP error 

The wonderful stuff of the question is that can easily get the solution below. It is not a complicated process. 

  • Use Network Troubleshooter

how to fix dhcp error

Windows key and R key must be pressed together and this will open the run window.
Then enter ncpa.cpl and tap enter button. This will open the network connection.
Select the Diagnose option under the Wi-fi Connection. And then run the network troubleshooter.
You will find that DHCP is not enabled for wireless network tap on it and then choose repairs and tap on apply the fix.
Then restart your  device and try the internet connection. 

  • Network adapter settings

how to fix dhcp error

In the internet, menu go to the network and sharing center.
Then by the left you will find Change adapter settings tap on it.
And then go to the wireless connection and then choose its properties by clicking on right.
The IP version 4 should be navigated and tap on it twice. And then click on obtain an IP address and also DNS server. And tap on Ok to confirm the changes. Tap OK to save changes and reboot your device.

  • DHCP client settings
    In the run window type services.msc and tap on enter button. And then in the list you have to find DHCP and tap on it twice.
    Then in the start-up type, you have to click on automatically then to apply it click on OK. 
  • Firewall set up
    Open your Control panel, and go to system and security option and there go to the firewall option.
    Then you have to disable the firewall windows in the left panel. 
  • Disable antivirus software
    If you have installed a third-party antivirus then you have to right-click on it and then disable it . 
  • Proxy to be Disabled
    In the run window enter inetcpl.cpl and tap enter. Then your internet properties will open there go to LAN settings in the connections tab. Then you have to uncheck LAN and tap Ok to confirm the changes. 
Winsock settings
In the command prompt window type
netsh int IP reset
netsh Winsock reset
Type it and tap on enter. This will fix your internet connection.


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