Bitdefender is protecting millions of systems through its best cybersecurity and antivirus software. Error 1011 is very common in Bitdefender that is received when the endpoint is not able to reach the designated update server. Bitdefender error 1011 stands for I/O timeout and could happen due to various reasons. Some main causes for Bitdefender error 1011 are- the update server is offline or the port is closed on 7074. It may also happen that the endpoint does not have access to the update server network location. When this error occurs, your system freezes for a fraction of seconds or your device may also get randomly crashed.

Steps to fix Bitdefender error 1011

Since it is a connectivity issue, a number of checks need to be performed to find the cause of the problem.

  • Check that epupdateserver.exe is running if the update server is a relay. You can start it manually also from services.
  • In case, the update server is located on the Gravity zone appliance or Linux Relay, restart the update server service using he command “sudo service arrakis restart”.
  • To verify that you can ping the update sever from the endpoint, use “Ping IP_updateserver 7074”
  • To verify that the port 7074 is reachable from the endpoint, use command “telnet IP_updateserver 7074”.
  • If 7074 port is closed on the update server, open it.
  • If you find that the port is blocked on a local update server, check out that the Windows Firewall has an exception for port 7074.
  • Update your existing ticket. You can also create a new ticket.

Update drivers

  1. Go to start and look for Device manager by searching in search box.
  2. Click on Expand icon. Select your device from the category. Right click on it and select update driver.
  3. Choose search automatically.

System Restore for Windows XP, Vista, 7,8 and 10

  1. Go to start.
  2. Type “System Restore”. Click Enter.
  3. Select System restore from the results.
  4. Enter the administrator password.
  5. Follow the steps to restore your computer.

Uninstall and reinstall the Bitdefender Antivirus

  1. From start menu, go to programs & Features.
  2. Go to control panel and click on Programs.
  3. Select programs and features.
  4. Look for Bitdefender Antivirus error 1011 associated program.
  5. Select Bitdefender antivirus associated entry.
  6. Click on the uninstall button.
  7. Now follow the instructions to complete the process.
  8. Reinstall the antivirus and see the issue is fixed or not.

How to troubleshoot Bitdefender Endpoint Security Update error 1011:

  1. Repair the registry entries linked with Bitdefender. It will require a backup copy Bitdefender associated files and folders.
  2. Sometimes the junk files and folders create this issue and cleaning them out fixes the problem.
  3. Run a full virus or Malware scan for your system. Many times, the error code you receive is a part of the malicious program itself.
  4. Update the device drivers as the outdated or corrupted device drivers are also responsible for Bitdefender error 1011.
  5. Restore all the current changes using the Windows system restore.
  6. Try to install the pending Windows updates.
  7. If nothing is working, reinstall Bitdefender Total security software.

For better functioning, provide support tool logs from the workstation and associated relay which is being affected.

If you still face any issue, feel free to call Bitdefender customer support number. Their team has trained and experienced technicians who are able to resolve your issues online. Call them anytime they are available 24*7.

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