How to Delete Google Account History

Looking for the help on how to delete Google Account History? Here is genuine information:

Google account is extremely simple in order to install and manage on various mobile devices. The users can be accessed their webmail account using the correct email address and password error-free. There is most common error that faced by the users on a daily basis in which when someone forgets their Google webmail account, he is always free to get connect with tech support team that will offer him the correct solution to come over the form that kind of the problem within a short span of the time instantly. So if you have to get frustrated with this Google webmail account and decided to delete it using the perfect troubleshooting process, you should have accurate email address and password. These two security resources help users to secure webmail account, but when one forgets the password of Google account ID, ones might face an extra problem and to fix that, it is necessary to recover the account to delete Google account history if you really want to.

How to delete Google Account History in simple methods:

If you wish to delete Google account history on your Smartphone you need first check out the search records that are the most important modality to you to help in protecting your privacy. Google account stored the records of the previous history and it also allows users to delete unnecessary data at any time. Google account gives more importance to its users in order to complete multiple tasks comfortably. So if you want to delete Google account history but you forgot the Google account to do so, you are required to enter the correct mobile phone number and alternate email address that will help you in all respects.

Here are the steps how to fix Google Account History issues with ease:

  • At first launch an internet browser to visit Google account sign-in page and then enter the correct email address and password.
  • If you forgot your alternate Google account address that you have selected to delete or recover the account, you need to select the Google recovery tab.
  • Enter the mobile phone number and enter the code that you have received on your device and move to the next.
  • Now select the access button and click on the clear individual search to unlock the Android device and then tap on all apps icon.
  • Select the Google app and click on the search button and select the data that you have searched previously.
  • A warning message will be showing up to delete this search from your History and then tap on the delete button after selecting from the search history.

Thus, you can easily delete whole Google account history that you really don’t want on your Google account for a long time.

How to make Google account Secure from Hacking?

If you want to secure your Google account from hacking you need to follow the below instructions.

  • You need to change the password as well as a mobile phone number from time to time.
  • Clear cache and cookies files from Google Chrome internet services.
  • Update your internet browser using the latest intent service.
  • Install the latest version of Antivirus to scan your device and much more.

If you want to achieve more tips with regards Google account to protect from hacking contact our tech support team that is available at every single of time instantly.

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