How to Configure Google Chrome

Striving to configure Google Chrome using Google account email address? Here is the entire process to resolve:

Google account is one of the best webmail services used by the users on their personal Android device. Google account is so simple to sign in with correct email address and password on its official website. Apart from that, the users can sign in their Gmail account on their personal mobile phone using an app. In Android device, there is an app of Google account helps to configure when you are using your new Android device for the first time you can configure your Google account with the help of email address and password simply. But in case you face an error and you don’t know how to configure it, you are required to first recover the password of Google account afterward you can configure it on your device without facing trouble. So if you have really forgotten the password of Google account and you have to configure it on your device you need to start the process one by one.

Below mentioned steps are helping to fix if forgot Google account:

  • First of all, launch the Google Chrome internet browser and visit Google account sign-in page.
  • Strive to enter the correct email address and password and click on sign in button.
  • If showing an error, click on forgot password button and enter the mobile phone number and press the next.
  • Click on verify button and move to the next tan and check your mobile phone number to address the verification code.
  • Enter the code into the correct field and soon after a password recovery link approaching you to reset the password.
  • Enter the new password into both new and confirm password fields at the end of the task.

Having resolved the problem, it is so simple to access Google account with the correct email address and password.

How to Configure Google Chrome?

If you are using Google Chrome then your Google account will be automatically activated to open each and every service over Google Chrome which is the widest platform to access entire services at the right time. But sometimes due to internet technical issue Google Chrome does not allow accessing any kind of the services of Google account simply. At this, you need to configure your Google Chrome with other services like a proxy server that helps to access without sign in Google account simply. In order to configure your Google Chrome you are required to have the perfect speed of internet service and then you must check that you are using the latest version of Google Chrome browser to perform the task comfortably.

Here are the methods to configure Google Chrome in less than not time:

  • At first, you need to launch your Google Chrome internet browser and go to the settings button.
  • Select the history tab and select all cache and cookies file and scroll down at the bottom to remove all contents.
  • Go to the advanced settings and click on customize and control Google Chrome button on the toolbar.
  • Select more settings tab and click on the show advanced settings link and then click on it.
  • Now scroll further down and see the network settings and then you are required to click on the change proxy server settings.
  • Click on the LAN settings button and click on the automatically detect settings and then select the server selection.
  • Click the check box to enable and then use a proxy server for your LAN and press ok button.
  • Then again enter the IP address and press tab button from your keyboard and click on the OK button for a couple of time.
  • The first page you have opened is generally depending on your account’s authentication settings so you may be asked entering the credential into the required fields.
  • Having completed the task, you are required to press the done button at the end of the task comfortably.

It is hoped, your problem would have been resolved, and however, if you are not able to use your Google Chrome internet service on your mobile device, you need contact customer service team that will help you with the respectively given solution in less than no time error free.

How to Contact Google Chrome Customer Service?

If you are getting frustrated as you are not able to contact customer service of Google Chrome, you need to visit Google Chrome website page that helps to contact customer service using the following tips and trick easily.

  • At first, you must have to go to the Google Chrome internet page and scroll down at the bottom.
  • Select the products for which you want solutions and then click on the contact button.
  • You can contact our customer representative via the mobile phone number, chat and email service, within a short span of the time.
  • It is so simple to share your queries with our tech support team that is always on to provide you better assistance at every single of time instantly.

Thus, you can use your Google Chrome with the correct email address and password. But the most important thing to discuss is to secure your account and internet service from hacking simply. Securing Google Chrome from hacking attacks is a multi-step process that’s because you have to do a few things to protect not only the browser but your device and your Wi-Fi connection. It might be resolved with the customer service team in case someone faces this problem with his services.

Let’s find out the steps on how to secure your Google Chrome from hacking?

  • Keep your Google account secure on your Google Chrome internet browser while login and log out the system.
  • Keep the browser secure with the correct IP address and use the password to get into it.
  • You should use the master password four your Google account and do not save the password on your internet browser.
  • Check your network and phishing detection and so much more.

Thus, you can protect your account as well as Google Chrome internet browser from hacking using the valuable tips and tricks simply. However, if you face an error and don’t know how to resolve then make a call at Google Information Number. This phone number is always on in terms of providing technical assistance within a short span of the time comfortably.

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