You should know how to change your Gmail password from time to time for security purposes. So it is important to know how you can actually change Gmail password (which is also your general Google account password) on your PC, and phone.

You never know when you may be force to change your password immediately due to any suspicious activity and knowing how to do so on your devices will be handy.

How to Change Your Gmail Password on a PC

  • Sign in to Gmail using your username and current password. Once inside, click on the gear icon on the top right corner under your account picture. Here you will find “Settings” option, click on it.

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  • In “Settings” you need to navigate to “Account and Import” tab. You will find the option “Change your Gmail password” here, click on it and you will be prompted to login again using your current password.

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  • Once logged in, you will see two fields where you will have to enter your new password. Below the first field, you will see your password strength, make sure it is “Strong”.
  • After adding the new password in both fields, click on “CHANGE PASSWORD” in blue to change your . You will also receive a confirmation via email that your password has been change.

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Conclusion : On the basis of above steps you can check how to modify gmail password. On your device whatever you are using like PC, Mobile, Android phone, Laptop or iPhone, and everyone must know why you need to solve this issue or in what case you need to search how can i change my Gmail password on android phone,PC or Mobile.

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