Hotmail Account Not Working

Don’t know how to fix when your Hotmail account is not working fine? Here is all to learn:

Hotmail email account is the free webmail account in order to send and receive emails from the clients simply. To avoid confusion in terms of using it simply the users can manage this webmail account via Hotmail app on an Android or Microsoft device. Since Hotmail account is using by the professional users, it has been developed a number of unique features that help to manage Hotmail account via online as well as offline mode. If you want to use your Hotmail account as an offline mode then you need to configure it with the correct email address and password and add it with the IMAP and SMTP mail server protocols. Whether you are using an Android or Windows device but if you are installing your Hotmail account these two protocols will help you in managing your account comfortably. All of sudden, if you face an error and your Hotmail account is not working fine you need to figure out the solution come over the problem instantly.

How to fix when Hotmail account is not working fine?

In case you have installed your Hotmail account on your personal Android device but abruptly you are not able to access your account, you are required to figure out the cause of the error and go through the solution instantly. It is important to know why your Hotmail account is not working.

Below showing some important to fix when Hotmail account is not working fine.

  • If you are getting this kind of the problem while accessing your email account, you should recover or reset it simply.
  • If you are experiencing the problem with your Hotmail account during sending or receiving emails, you need to go for the IMAP or SMTP mail server.
  • If your Hotmail is not working while exchanging emails from the clients, you need to update the app and install your Hotmail account once again.
  • After identifying the cause of the error, you can take a deep breath as you can now resolve your problem in less than no time.

Here are the ways to fix when Hotmail not working on an android device:

  • First of all, turn on your Android device and go to the mail account to click on Hotmail account.
  • If it not working fine then click on the settings button to select IMAP/POP mail server.
  • Enter the Hotmail email address and press the next button and select the port number.
  • Select SMTP mail server and enter the Hotmail email address and press the next button.
  • Select the port number and select the sync tab and select contacts, calendar, and mail and enter the password finally.

Here are the ways when Hotmail not receiving emails:

  • Turn on your mobile device and go to the mail app to view receive emails in your inbox.
  • If not showing any current emails, tap on the settings button and select SMTP mail servers.
  • Press the manual button and enter the correct Hotmail account email address and press the next button.
  • Sync your account with its contacts, calendar, and mail and thereafter enter the password to save change finally.

If you are still getting any unexpected issue with your Hotmail account, get in touch with our tech support team that is available to provide a solution at every short span of the time.

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