How to Enable Google Two Step verification

Gmail is a secured webmail account widely used by users across the world. Although it is permanently secured with an appropriate email address and password to sign in, however, there is an option (Two-steps verification) helps to send a verification code which the users are required to enter into the field and thereafter they might access their Gmail account ordinary. In the Two steps verification, Google is responsible to add an extra layer of security in order to keep your account secure from hackers. It is the best platforms where you would indeed protect your account with the help of both password and mobile phone number. So the things are that after setting up Two steps verification you are required to enter the password with an email address and a six-digit code generated through a text message.

What to do when you forgot Google Two step verification:   

Unfortunately, the users forget their Two steps verification due to mobile phone lost or you don’t have a mobile phone number at that you are required to understand the basic concept of resolving this issue instantly. This is the worst situation when either you don’t have the permission to access on your mobile phone, or you have lost your mobile phone to get the six or eight digits verification code. This kind of problem is generally faced by the users after hacking their Gmail account by someone else. So if you are surviving like this situation and want to come out from that kind of morass, you need to understand the method of enabling Google to account two steps verification instantly.

How to enable Google two steps verification?

In this situation, you can select multiple options to resolve this problem including, use backup options, sign in from a trusted computer, get a new phone from your carrier, select account recovery, and much more. In case your security was stolen and you can follow these steps to get back into your account and protect it securely. It is up to you how you want to fix with preferable resources including, verification codes, Google codes, Backup codes, different security key and much more. However, if you are required to know the other important information for the two steps authentications, you need to contact our tech support team that will help you in all respects.

Here are the ways to enable the Google two-step authentications Process simply:

  • First of all, turn on your technical device and launch an internet browser to visit the Google help page.
  • You are required to enter the correct email address and password and press sign in button.
  • You will receive a verification code on your mobile phone number but if you don’t have a mobile phone number, select forgot password button.
  • Select the page of Google help and then select my account tab and select the sign-in & security.
  • Now you select the two-steps verification under the password & sign-in method.
  • At this, before you make your account login you need to change its rules for the login of your account.
  • Google account may ask you to enter the password and sign in and sign in it again.
  • Now you can access two steps verification authentication and click on the get started.
  • You have to enter the regularly used mobile phone number in which you will be able to recover a text message.
  • You can choose text message or phone call, at this number to complete the task of authentication.
  • You have to pick out one which you want and soon after you will receive a message with the code on your mobile phone.
  • You have to enter the phone number without G and then click on the next button.
  • You can select the enable Two steps authentication and click on turn on the button at the end of the task.

Having enabled two steps authentications, you need to know that the same problem does not percept and to avoid any mishap with Google two steps Authentications you need to secure it from unauthorized access amazingly.

Following are the ways to make Google two-steps authentication secure from Hacking easily:

  • In order to secure Two Steps Authentication, you need to enter the tricky password in its field.
  • Select the start-up button to check your Gmail account is not affected by any virus and software program.
  • You can select the backup process that helps reset your two steps verification from time to time.
  • You can start disable and enable two steps verification simply and complete the process of secure email account with correct email address and password.
  • Change the password of Gmail account and select the new version of two steps verification helps to secure your account from hacking for a long time.

Contact us for additional help:

If you are looking for the best support and help with regards Google account, then you can visit us at any time as we have a bunch of tech support team that is available to fix a number of hassles with Gmail account at every single of time.




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