Gmail Password Reset Without Phone Number

Learn here the process of How to reset Gmail Password without phone number and security questions

Google has been able to woo the hearts of its customers successfully, by introducing the sought after service Gmail in 2004. Gmail has surpassed all the levels of popularity and is used as the most unprecedented email services across the globe. It is a key to effective communication among the business providers and business clients. It has built such a beautiful relation of business trust that no one even think of disturbing such a strong bond.

Well, in spite of enjoying such a magical popularity, Gmail is also not absolutely free from glitches. Sometimes users confront issues like they forget their Gmail account password.What can be done in such a situation. In case, you are also one among of those users, who are facing this issue, then it is the best alternative to reset your password. So, here, you are given an account of How to reset your password without phone number and security question. And similar process will work for retrieving your password in case of security questions as well.

  • First of all, go to Gmail account sign in page and try to login your account by entering email ID and password. As you don’t remember your password you will have to click on forgot password in this case.
  • After that click on next. Now, it will ask you to enter you to enter the phone number or email Id used at the time of creating your account. Since, you do not remember your phone number and can’t make use of security questions as well and wish to reset your password without phone number you can choose to give your email ID.
  • Now open your email ID and you will receive a verification link on that Id.
  • Now, simply open your recovery email and try your best to find out the link of the verification code
  • Click on that verification link and you will be given an option of resetting your password
  • Now, enter a new password and reenter that password.
  • Congratulations, you have completed all the steps of recovering your Gmail account without phone number and security questions.

So, if you are really concerned about How to recover/reset your Gmail password without phone number and security questions, then it is a wonderful trick for you to use above-mentioned steps.

So, with these simple steps you can get back the access of your Gmail account, even if you don’t remember your phone number or security questions.

In case, you have tried every step to your level best and still cannot get your account access back, it is a matter of concern for you. Well, don’t worry, you have other options also in this case. You can contact any trust worthy third-party agents in this case. They will lend a patient ear to your issues and will devise new and interesting methods to solve your obsolete issue of How to recover/reset Gmail password without phone number and security questions.

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