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Suppose you are using the Gmail account and you found that Gmail not sending emails. And also it happens that you can send emails but not receive mail or Gmail not receiving emails from a specific sender.

How to fix Gmail not sending emails:-

There can be several reasons responsible for Gmail not sending emails. From issues with internet connection to problems with server settings, many issues cause the Gmail to stop working properly or sending emails.

Here is the list of problem:

1) Run out of storage space:-

Lack of storage space can cause  Gmail not sending emails. In case, you are using more than 90 percent of Gmail space then Gmail can cause the problems. So you are not able to send any emails at all if your storage space is more than 99 percent. So always check the amount of storage you are using on Gmail and clear space by deleting old and useless email messages.

2) Internet Stopped Working:-

Sometimes, it may happen, a problem arises with our internet connection. We do not aware of this and keep doing our work. This can happen when we are sending emails through our Gmail account and cause the problems. Before you proceed further to fix the error, you should check your internet connection. Follow the below-step:

  • Simply check the status of your internet connection at the bottom right of the desktop
  • After then mouse hover over the status area to see “no internet access” or “internet access” message
  • Now, open a new tab in the browser and see whether it loads any new pages
  • Try to reload the webpage you are already viewing3) Exceeded limit to send emails:-

Most people do not know that Gmail has a per-day limit of sending emails. It is because the sending limit is very high. Rarely, one may reach that number in a day. It could be a big reason for this problems. The limit to send an email is 2000 per day. Suppose that, you reached that limit then you will not be able to send an email till the next day.

4) Virus on your computer:-

Sometimes a virus can make the cause Gmail and other applications on your computer misbehave. As modern-day viruses are very advanced. Some viruses can cause of issue. A virus affected your computer has below symptoms:

  • Your computer has become slow
  •  Now it shows lots of Ads
  • Then your browser homepage is changed
  • Programs do not start on your computer

How to remove virus from the computer:

  • Simply download and install anti-virus from internet
  • Then install AVG to your computer
  • Finally buy any anti-virus product from market

5) Message too large to send:-

If your gmail can fail to send emails when you are sending a large email message. If your email message is too large then you face this problem. So short your message if it is too large and divide it into two or three parts. It will help you to send an email when it is too large.

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