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Create Gmail Account Without Phone, In this high tech world the use of email accounts is quite a normal phenomenon. In fact, there is no exaggeration in saying that the use of emails has become part and parcel of our lives. Gmail incepted by Google is also cherished by different users due to its excellent user interface. It becomes extremely easy to send and receive emails, save the emails in draft etc. So, in a short way, Gmail is a great way to maintain quick business communication with the users. It is important to note that every time a user creates a Gmail Id.

He or she has to verify it by giving a phone number. This process is quite necessary to validate your Gmail Id and inform to Google. That you are not a spammer and you are actual user. But the phone number verification becomes a headache when a particular user needs to create multiple Ids. In such a case it is really difficult to validate the verification process with the same phone number. So here you will get an account of how to create Gmail account without phone number.

How to create Gmail account without phone number verification?

  • In order to create a Gmail account without phone number verification, you are required to obtain a new IP address.
  • So, first of all make it a point to disconnect your internet connection or Wi-Fi and then reconnect it.
  • Now in the next step you are required to open any new web browser of your choice and perform activities like clearing of history. Also consider it a point to clear cache and cookies as well.
  • Now, open your Gmail and click on sign in option to create a new Gmail account without phone number verification.
  • One by one put in all necessary details and also make it a point to give your recovery email address in case any need arises in future.
  • The important point to note here is that you can create a Gmail Id without phone number verification in case you have obtained a new IP address.

So, these are step by step procedure of how to create Gmail account without phone number.

How to connect Wi-Fi without password?

If you are using an android phone then there is good news for you as you can learn how to connect Wi-Fi without password.

Steps to connect Wi-Fi without password:

  • If you are willing to connect Wi-Fi without password, then you must have access to Wi-Fi router with WPS feature and android phone. If you have access to both of them you can easily proceed further.
  • In the next step make sure that you have turned off the notification light and it is no more blinking now and then. After that you may go ahead and press WPS button.
  • Now, lift your phone up and go to Wi-Fi network option and locate WPS push button option and click on it. Else you can find refresh icon and click on that.
  • After you have completed any of the procedure you will now be able to get Wi-Fi connection without password.

In case of any problem faced in the above steps related to how to connect Wi-Fi without password, then. You can take third-party assistance to root out the issues effectively.


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