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How to fix Skype call failed

If you want to know How to fix Skype call failed. We all are familiar with skype. It is a telecommunication application specialized in providing video as well as voice calls via computers, tablets and mobile devices. If you too are a user of Skype, and facing the problem of Skype call failed, don’t worry as this is a common problem and could be resolved in minutes. It is also possible that you have blocked someone on Skye ang forgotten about it. Check also the steps on how to unblock someone on skype.

Upgrade your Skype to a newer version to fix Skype call failed .

Since Windows keeps rolling out updates to its operating system and also provide updates to its applications like skype, it is a wise idea to upgrade your Skype to a newer version. An older version of Skype often fails to connect to a call. By updating to a new version, you will also be able to fix any bugs. Updated version of Skype is easily available online, download from there and install as guided by them. Before proceeding, uninstall the current version of Skype by pressing Windows + R and typing “appwiz.cpl”.

Disable Antivirus software and Firewall

Disable your antivirus software and Firewall using the below steps and check if the issue is fixed or not.

  • First of all, press Windows + R button. A run application will appear.
  • THen, type control in the dialogue box. Your control panel will get open now.
  • Now, search box will be there in the top right, type Firewall there.
  • Then, Click on the first option of the result.
  • An option will be there at left side saying “Turn windows Firewall on or off”.
  • Then, click on the option “Turn off Windows Firewall” on both the tabs for public and private networks.
  • after, save the changes and exit.
  • Finally, restart the computer.

Update Microsoft basic browsers

If your Microsoft basic browser is not updated to the latest version, you will face a problem in connecting to the skype calls. Update your browser to the latest version and restart the computer.

Delete configuration files

Deleting the configuration files of your Skype account followed by resetting the internet settings. Once these files are deleted, Windows recreate them automatically. Use the steps below:

  • First of all, close your skype completely and exit.
  • Then, press Windows +R and type “%appdata%\Skype”. Press Enter.
  • After, select the configuration files and delete them.
  • Now, press Windows + R and type “inetcpl.cpl”. Press Enter.
  • Navigate to the advanced tab from the internet option.
  • Then after, click Reset.
  • Now, check the option “Delete personal settings”. Click Reset in the new window.
  • Remember, this procedure disables all the add-ons and resets your home pages.
  • Finally, restart your computer and check the issue again.
Update the drivers manually

For manual update of the drivers, see the below procedure:

  • First of all, press Windows + R, to launch the run.
  • Then, type “devmgmt.msc” in the box. Enter.
  • When your device manager, navigate through the hardware and right click on the device. Select Update driver.
  • A dialogue box will appear that will ask you do you want to update your driver. Select “Browse my computer for driver software”.
  • Restart your computer after each update.
  • Now check skype is working or not.
How to unblock someone on Skype fix Skype call failed
  • First of all, go to Tools then options.
  • Then, head to privacy followed by blocked contacts.
  • Finally, click on Save.


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